[KC V5] Chapter 1 – Sports Festival

Translation of Chapter 1 of Kokoro Connect Volume 5.

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Translation – defan752

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“Come on, let’s discuss matters about the Sports Festival.” said Setouchi Kaoru, the class representative.

It was the second half of June at Yamaboshi High School, on Monday, sixth period, during the class meeting. The class was discussing the Sports Festival that was going to be held in early July.

“Boys, go to the male sports committee member, Watase-kun, and girls, go to the female sports committee member, Kurihara!” ordered Setouchi Kaoru, who had gotten completely used to the duties of a class representative. Under her short black hair, a pair of shiny, very noticeable earrings displayed themselves on her earlobes. She gave a strong impression of a well-dressed honor student.

The students stood up one by one, chattering to one another. Yaegashi Taichi began to walk as well.

“Ah, it’s the Sports Festival season again! It really makes you excited, right Yaegashi-kun!” said Nakayama Mariko, grinning. Nakayama was a girl who always smiled cheerfully, and her twintails were her selling points.

“Yeah.” Taichi replied, nodding.

“Tsk-tsk-tsk, that was too short of a reply, Yaegashi-kun! At least say two words, just two words!”

Although her pushy behavior made Taichi somewhat uncomfortable, she was on good terms with Nagase, so Taichi often talked with her as well.

“Ah, ahh, sorry about that.”

“Uu, you’re so straightforward. You’re not like this when you’re using that tone of voice and pouring your heart out to Inaba all the time~” interjected someone behind Nakayama who suddenly appeared.

“Da~! Nakayama-chan, Taichi, you guys look really happy!”

Nagase and Nakayama

The space around them was already sparkling with only Nakayama, and the latest addition made it scintillate with energy. The person hugging Nakayama was the Cultural Research Club president, Nagase Iori, a beautiful girl generally agreed to be the cutest in the school year. She was becoming more and more accustomed to letting her long hair down in a mature way. Her kind spirit and striking appearance complemented each other.

“Ah~ that’s because Yaegashi-kun and I have a ve~ry deep relationship!”

“What– there’s no way my relationship with Taichi will lose to yours! We’ve been through a lot together during club activities this year!”

Been through a lot — so much that it was too difficult to express through such a short phrase. This year that I, Nagase, and the entire Cultural Research Club are going through cannot be called relaxed.

But now, the fact that we can happily laugh like this is real. My friendly relationship with Nagase is also real.

If we can keep this reality, it should be all right to describe everything else with the phrase “been through a lot”.

If there’s ever something else ready to trouble us, we will work together to battle it.

“Taichi, what are you thinking about all by yourself? You’re being hugged left and right by beautiful girls! Is it because you’ve got your lovely wife Inaba, you’re failing to recognize all other girls?”

“Ah, a wife, huh? Well, you’re right, since she’s Yaegashi-kun’s most doted and beloved wife!”

“Ah! I think I just heard someone say ‘being surrounded by beautiful girls is like being sucked into a whirlpool of cuteness’, I’ll join, too!”

“No one said that.”

The person making this cute declaration was Kiriyama Yui, another member of the Cultural Research Club with Taichi. She had a petite frame, long, chestnut-colored hair, and a cute-loving personality, but she also held the highest or second highest awards in Girls’ Full Contact Karate with a fighting spirit.

“Ah, I heard wrong? What a pity, I thought I had finally found a partner with whom I could freely talk about my dreams…”

“Geez, I really worry about her sometimes.” muttered Taichi under his breath. Although Kiriyama’s personality was relatively normal, if she was anything “cute”, she would become strangely delicate and affectionate.

Concluding his blithe chitchat with the girls, Taichi walked toward the desk of the soccer representative in the male sports committee, the cool and relaxed Watase (As Watase shouted: “Geez, you can’t gather here without stopping by the girls first can you!” , the surrounding boys all shouted with him: “Stop it!” “Change classes with me! How much do you want?!”) “So, let’s confirm something first.” said Kurihara Yukina, who was the girl’s group central sports committee member, raising her hand immediately as the discussion began. It seemed like she wished to attract the boys’ attention.

Kurihara was a tall slender girl who got along extremely well with Kuriyama. Her vibrantly dyed wavy hair and fashionable makeup made her seem aloof, but she was a diligent student who trained relentlessly in track and field.

“Do you guys really want to win?”

「「「「Of course!!!!」」」」

At first a few people shouted, then the entire class shouted “We really want to win!” in unison.

“Besides, if we win the Sports Festival, the Cultural Festival will be a lot more interesting~” said Nakayama in a piercing voice.

Yamaboshi High School’s Sports Festival is a battle during which one class is selected and assembled into a team from each of the three grades. The team that wins will also win the privilege of organizing activities being able to reserve locations first in the upcoming Cultural Festival.

“If we win the Sports Festival, the Cultural Festival will be a lot more fun!” “For the great and majestic Cultural Festival, I’ll give it my all!” “Besides, if it wasn’t for this, there’s no fun in a Sports Festival with no competition!”

“Okay, okay. I understand how everyone feels.” Kurihara quieted the group down.

“By the way Yukina, as the sports committee member, this shady attitude of yours won’t do, so you must take up the role of a good leader.” said Kiriyama, beside her, in surprise.

“You don’t even need to say it. Besides, all of this is for your own good.”

“For my own good? All of what?” asked Kiriyama, tilting her head. Kurihara ignored her and continued:

“So, first, it’s been decided that in all of the girls’ events, our ultimate demonic weapon, we will use the「Goddess of War」, Kiriyama Yui.”

“Wait! Don’t just make decisions like that! And what do you mean,「Goddess of War」?!”

Everyone glanced at the sputtering Kiriyama and instantly nodded in unison.

“And there’s a limit to events that one person can sign up for, so this is a ridiculous plan, isn’t it?!”

“Not a problem. We will use「Masque de Kiriyama One」and「Masque de Kiriyama Two」[1].”

“Hey, if you need it I can lend you the mask I brought. This is the what the Lightweight Champion from San Diego won –”

“Of course there’s a problem! I’m not doing it! Also Taichi, why are you bringing a mask around with you like it’s normal and saying that without any shame?! Put that away!”

Got stopped by Kiriyama, huh…. I wanted to talk more about that, damn.

“Are we temporarily halting Operation Masque de Kiriyama?”

“Stop all of that!”

After Kiriyama and Kurihara’s comical dialogue [2] came to a conclusion, the discussion on dividing the boys and girl into groups began.

“Hmm, for the boys… In any case, I just want to use this arrangement for the girls too: first, the Sports Club members should take on events that they can easily gain points in, and then people like Yaegashi, who don’t exercise but are still acceptable, should enter the second-best events, and finally, give all the other events to everyone else. How about that?” suggested Watase. The other members of the Sports Department nodded and agreed.

“Then it’s decided!” “I’ll do relays!” “…I’ll do botaoshi.”[3]

“Put me in whatever competition you need me for.” said Taichi, nodding.

“Then… are you guys over there okay with that?” Watase confirmed with the students who don’t really exercise.

“Ah, yeah.” “Uh-huh.” “Yeah, sure.”

“Great, then let’s divide up the members for the high-scoring Yamaboshi High School staple event: the Mixed Kibasen!”[4]

When the events were divided up, the students returned to their seats, and Setouchi stood in front of the classroom again.

“Now, we’ll pick the representatives for the cheering competition!”

Yamaboshi High School’s cheering competition was the center of the Sports Festival. It was not only a compelling competition, but also a very effective way to earn points. Every year, an immense amount of effort was put into this event, and just the planning for it began a month before the Sports Festival. In this time, every grade would select a number of boys and girls as the leaders in charge of the entire group’s practice.

“–and Yaegashi. That’s the three boys. For the girls… Kiriyama, Nagase, and another spot, who wants to do it?”

The boys were picked very quickly, but the girls still needed one more.

“How about you?” “Nah, I’m not good at being a leader.” “How about Nakayama-chan?” “Uhh… I’m not an expert at sports…”

“It would be better for me to do it, but neither the class representative nor the sports representative can be a leader…” said Kurihara in a low voice.

Setouchi hugged herself, muttering worriedly, “What do we do…”

No one was able to come up with a solution even as the bell rang.

Almost at the same time the bell began to ring, the one who had pushed all responsibility onto the class representative but had slept himself, Gotou Ryuzen, Class 2-B’s homeroom teacher, woke up.

“…Uhm? Ah… it’s this time already. The discussion’s done, right, Setouchi? Then quickly–”

“No, it’s not.”

“Ehhhhhhh!? Can’t we go home now?!”

“What are you surprised at! If you have time to say that then come here and help! We still lack a girl for the cheering competition leaders.”

Gotou, who had assumed the role of Taichi’s homeroom teacher in the first year and was also the advisor for the Cultural Research Club, was an extremely slacking teacher.

“Uwoh, I see… So Nagase and Kiriyama have been selected… Hm? I feel like there’s someone missing… Ah! Fujishima! There’s no one but Fujishima who can do it!”

“…Eh? Me?”

The girl whose face displayed an entirely unexpected expression was Fujishima Maiko. She originally was Class 1-C representative but was demoted from the higher ranks and re-assigned to Class 2-B.

“This kind of job… there should be a lot more people more capable than me…”

Fujishima’s outstanding leadership in the first year manifested as leading class meetings, but now, it was more in the background.

No one was exactly sure what to say to that. It was like the surrounding air had stagnated. Suddenly, Nagase broke the gloomy silence.

“I, I also agree! If it’s okay, I really want to try hard at this with everyone. If Fujishima-san is willing to give it all she’s got, victory will be within our grasp! And besides, a lot of people in this class are in the Sports Club!”

“I agree. If it’s Fujishima-san, everything will be fine…that is, there is no one better than Fujishima-san!” said Watase immediately. The air began to flow again, and the students agreed one after another.

“…Victory.” “That’s right!” “Let’s shoot for victory!” “Yes!” “Uwooooooo!”

Class 2-B was already fired up for the sports festival, but when the word “victory” was uttered, the class became even more passionate. This passion slowly flowed into Fujishima’s heart.

“Eh… um… then… I’ll do it.”

As soon as Fujishima nodded her head, the class broke into deafening applause.

Taichi worried that Fujishima might really not want to do it, but when he saw the expression of the slightly embarrassed Fujishima, he dispelled this notion.

“Fuu, I originally thought you guys would understand my intentions. My suggestion wasn’t to make you guys beg Fujishima, who was all-powerful and could accomplish anything during the first year; it was to give the budding Fujishima, who lacks self-confidence, an opportunity to shine. As a teacher, and after much careful consideration–”[5]

“Please be quiet. There are people who need to go to their clubs.”

“Yes. I’m sorry Setouchi-san.” [6]

Since Setouchi was originally a slightly delinquent girl, she had an extremely piercing stare.

“Then it’s decided, good work everyone!”

Setouchi concluded. With that, she dismissed the class meeting.

Suddenly, Fujishima widened her eyes, as though she had realized something important.

“…Ah! Come to think of it… I’ve never been invited by Nagase-san to do anything, haven’t I? Then just now… Nagase-san has finally accepted my love! Yahoo!”

Fujishima was immediately in high spirits.

“….Eh? What kind of misunderstanding is this? No, no, that’s not it Fujishima-san! No, no, don’t lick your lips like that, IYAAAAAAA!”


“You’re joking, right?! Chihhi’s and Shino-chan’s class and Inaban’s class are going to be on the same team in the Sports Festival?!” Nagase yelled in surprise. She was sitting on a foldable metal chair beside Taichi.

After school, on the fourth floor of the activity building, in Room 401, five second year students, including Taichi, and two first year students gathered as members of the Cultural Research Club, with a total of seven people.


“That’s cold! At least have a more exciting reaction of ‘Ohhhhh, really?’ or something like that. You’re too cold~~”

“Hm, in terms of probability, this situation is not impossible.”

The boy who calmly answered the lively Nagase was Uwa Chihiro. He sported an uneven but neat hairstyle, and was a cool ♂ and ♂ handsome ♂ guy. Although he looked benign, he went to the same karate dojo as Kiriyama, and his toned body was trained full ♂ of ♂ manliness. Because he often conversed with Kiriyama, he developed an interest in the Cultural Research Club. After a series of various twists and turns, he eventually became a first year member of the Cultural Research Club.

“Chihhi is no fun. Right, Shino-chan?”

“Mhm, I also think Chihiro-kun is a little uninteresting. But if we’re describe it as a ‘Clearly talking about something interesting but you’re making a boring reaction, deliberately giving us the cold shoulder’, it could possibly be Chihiro-kun’s own ultra-realistic manner of joking. One way or another, it’s just that he’s very boring.”

“What’s the matter Shino-chan?! How come you’re suddenly so vicious?”

“Eh? Did I mess it up? Recently there are often people who tell me ‘You’re too blunt’ or ‘You’re surprisingly harsh’ and things like that, so I wanted to help Chihiro-kun realize his mistakes…”

“Yep, I understand now that Shino-chan’s abusive verbal skills are innate talent…”

The girl who was talking digressively with Nagase was Enjouji Shino, one of the new members, of the Cultural Research Club, along with Chihiro-kun. No matter how you looked at her: from her outer appearance or her actions, one would irrepressably liken this girl to a miniature dachshund,[7] or a similarly small animal. Her soft, tea-colored short hair highlighted her cute disposition even further. Although she was often cautious and jittery, she spoke extremely sharply and bluntly, usually hitting the nail on its head.

Taichi personally had started off a little uncomfortable with the addition of the new members, but since they have already joined for a month, he was familiar with them now. The two new members probably felt the same way.

“But it’s getting really exciting now!” exclaimed Aoki cheerfully. As he moved his body, his lightly permed hair swayed gently.

“If I, Inaba-chan, Chihiro, and Shino-chan are the Green Team, while Taichi, Yui, and Iori-chan are the Red Team, that would be a battle more exciting than the Sports Festival!”

“Ah, but there are many other teams too, and all three grades are attending, so we really can’t do it by ourselves…” said Taichi in a low voice. Nagase suddenly began making “Uu~un” sounds non-stop, and looking Taichi and Chihiro, comparing them.

“What?” asked Taichi.

“Um~… although Taichi and Chihhi are completely different types, but this calm and silent personality…. their roles are overlapping, aren’t they?”[8]

“What do you mean, overlapping!”

Taichi felt that his 「Identity」 was in great danger.[9]

“There’s nothing of the sort… right, Kiriyama?” Taichi asked Kiriyama, who was in front of him.

“Uh, yeah. Taichi and Chihiro-kun each have their own strengths…right?”

“Don’t look away! You wanted to say something more but couldn’t, it hurts!”

“Are we really that similar? I certainly don’t think I have a gigolo face.”[10]

“Are you saying that I’m a gigolo?… I’m not a gigolo!”

“You’re pretty blunt too~ that’s right, Taichi. Just keep up your liveliness, and we’ll be able to differentiate between you two from now on!”

“It’s stupid that I have to maintain this mood to differentiate between our overlapping roles!”

When he realized that he was being treated this way, Taichi lost all will of saying anything back… He thought this, but if there wasn’t such a lively atmosphere there really would be a role overlap… He was between a rock and a hard place.

“Right, right, Taichi, Chihiro, you guys should head towards a beautiful future together, yeah~!” shouted Aoki, as Kiriyama who sat beside him gave a hopeless sigh.

“Ah, it’s great that these two aren’t like Aoki. It’s fine if there’s only one of them, but add in another one and that would be really bad. Right, Shino-chan?”

“Mhm, Aoki-senpai is really annoying.”

“Shino-chan, you weren’t agreeing with her just now, were you?! When we were talking about Chihiro, at least you wanted to help him, didn’t you?”

“Say, Inaban, Taichi has been abused like this and beat to the point of giving up, aren’t you going to say anything?” Nagase asked Inaba, who was brooding quietly by herself.

Inaba’s pitch-black, silky hair hid a dour expression, which was surprisingly charming. She seemed more mature than others her age, and it was better to say that she was charming rather than cute. This Inaba-san was Taichi’s most cherished girlfriend right now.

“Ahh, I don’t care what anyone else says. To me, Taichi is my 「only one」, and nothing less than that. Because he’s my 「only one」, no matter what the world says of him, to me it’s worth nothing.”

As her boyfriend, Taichi wasn’t really going to evaluate her, but the evaluations from people around her concluded that she was slightly lovesick (Nagase called this “Dereban Syndrome”).

“That is to say, to Inaban, it doesn’t matter what his role or anything like that is, everything’s changes in terms of personality! Love conquers all! No, in this situation, the person who should be angry is Taichi, right?”

“Ah, no, who knows? Ahahahaha.”

Taichi was embarrassed. At this time, Chihiro turned his head toward Nagase and spoke.

“Nagase-senpai, please take back what you said. I don’t think I’m as dumb as Taichi-senpai.”

“Wha…. Did you just call me an idiot? How is this possible?!”

Taichi’s grades were actually excellent.

“Let’s not factor in anything else, but what Taichi-senpai said just now was too stupid.”

“Enjouji, you’re ruthless!” [11]

But her carefree tone only made you realize that she was merely candid; she was really an inconceivable girl impossible to get angry at. [12]

Now Taichi spoke to Inaba.

“Um, I’ve noticed it too… you’re pretty quiet, what’s wrong?”

“Um… Uh….”

Inaba looked very embarrassed and stared awkwardly at the floor, avoiding Taichi’s eyes.

“Say something. If it’s not convenient now, let’s talk later.”

“…Thanks, Taichi.”

Inaba nodded while smiling slightly.

There is no doubt that she trusts me — this is not expressed through words.

“My back… my back itches!” Nagase complained while scratching all over her body.

There was a brief uncomfortable silence, then Inaba spoke: “Then… I’ll tell you guys. I say. During the Sports Festival, Taichi and I will be opponents.”

“So what?”

“‘So what’?! Taichi, can you handle… being at odds with me?!”

“Eh, it’s nothing more than a mere Sports Festival.”

“Then you’re saying that my relationship with you can be halted because of your so-called ‘mere Sports Festival’?!”

Although it made one happy to treasure a relationship like this, Inaba’s cynicality was troubling at times.

But it was also cute at times!

“Taichi-kun, don’t smile wickedly like that, think of something to help Inaban.” Nagase piped up from the side.

“Hey, that wasn’t wicked.”

“Oh, then it was perverted?”

“It was not perverted! We are very 「pure」!”

Dodging Nagase’s teases, Taichi began to think about how to tell Inaba: “Even if we tried our hardest during the sports festival, it’s okay”.

“Are you really doing it… what if I revealed my true power? If I were to use my full firepower… the opposing class would probably lose two of their most vital assets.”

“It’s a mere high school Sports Festival, what kind of stunts are you trying to pull! Win properly.”

Chome chome[13]

“Oh, okay. Anyway, let’s decide it like this for now. …. Then, I’ll try my hardest! And I really hate losing or anything like that! Watch me annihilate my opponents until there is notihng left! It’s first prize or nothing!”

“Eh? Weren’t you saying that I’m your 「only one」…?”

Taichi cocked his head confusedly. It seemed Inaba had a dual personality of 「Normal Inaba」 and 「Dereban」.

“Oh oh, Inaba-chan’s declaration of victory! It looks like victory is already within my grasp!” shouted Aoki.

“Aoki, don’t be presumptuous! Don’t forget we still have our ultimate weapon the「Goddess of War」 Kiriyama Yui!”

“Right! Only if I’m still alive… Hey, Iori. Can you stop calling me the 「Goddess of War」… It’s not cute at all…”

“Yui, Yui-senpai is very cute!”

“Ahh~ Thank you Shino-chan! I can’t fight against Shino-chan’s Green Team now~”

“Fufufu, if only we use Shino, this little girl is easily conquered.”

“Inaba. What are you saying in place of Enjouji.” Taichi said suddenly. Everyone was really in high spirits.

Nagase, ever indomitable, said again: “Chihhi! Chihhi, you should also go tell Yui ‘You’re very very cute’! A naturally handsome guy like you will easily take hold of her, since she belongs to the good-looks club!”[14]

“I don’t belong to the good-looks club!! Don’t! Make! Things! Up!”

“By the way Nagase, why are you teasing Yui? Aren’t you in a team together?”

“Ah, damn it!”

As though he was infected by the strange aura emanating from the surrounding people, a slightly absentminded Chihiro was also carried away.

“I know… I know… I’ll do it, okay. … You’re very cute, Yui-senpai.”

“Eh?! Wait, what, Chihiro-kun?! D-don’t do this, really, my face is growing hot~! Uwai~ Chihiro-kun is very handsome too! Yaa~~”

Looking at the embarrassed Yui, Aoki, unable to bear it any longer, also spoke.

“Yui! You’re the cutest today!”

“Ah? Oh, I know.”

“Why is there such a different reaction?!”

You always tell me that, there’s no more feeling to it, Kiriyama replied.

“…But, about the sports festival…” muttered Chihiro with a sigh, as he glanced at Kiriyama from the corner of his eyes.

“You lack motivation Chihiro! Aren’t you the cheering representative for your class?” Aoki replied.

“Didn’t I say I only lost at Jankenpon[15]… No, in the end I’m always the most unfortunate one… Eh, Taichi-senpai?!”

“So it’s like this, Chihiro! I’m also bad at Jankenpon. It seems like we’re similar after all.”

“Please don’t draw similarities in weird ways. Why are you putting your arm over my shoulders.”

Chihiro was a cold guy.

“No matter what, you should motivate yourself Chihiro! We’re in a team together… ah, right. To make sure we’re not holding back against each other, how about we make a bet in the Cultural Research Club?” suggested Aoki.

Nagase immediately replied: “Good idea. It’s three against four! Then, the team who’s ahead in the line… can make the losing team do whatever he wants! He can make anyone on the team do it, but can only make one command!”

“If you’re brave enough to say it, you’re brave enough to bet!” Kiriyama said immediately.

“Are, are the commands absolute, Iori-senpai…?” Enjouji asked cautiously, a worried look floating onto her face.


“Eh, ehhhhhh…. then if I lose… . I’ll be sold to some unknown, faraway country… I won’t be able to come back to Japan again…”

“What kind of mythical chance is Enjouji thinking…” Taichi said dubiously. How can a bet made during a mere Sports Festival make a command concerning a matter of life and death?

“Shino-chan! Won’t it just be all right if you win? Just win! If you do, you can make Taichi, Iori and Yui do whatever you want!”

“Eh….? Then… then, if I can make Taichi-senpai whisper that and that into my ear…. Yaaaaa! I’m getting competitive!”

“Hey Enjouji! Your reputation ruined itself too early, didn’t it?!”

Although they had not conversed with Enjouji for a long time, and had not understood her completely, her dedication to sound (especially Taichi’s sound) was astonishing.

The passion of the now-energetic Enjouji seemingly passed onto Inaba.

“Then I’ll… I’ll… I’ll take Taichi to ‘that place’… and the two of us… ah, this is annoying! It, it’s too embarrassing, I can’t say it!”

That really looks like a very embarrassed grin.

“So Inaban is a pervert. Then the day to start calling her ‘Chijo-ban’[16] has arrived.”

“Hey Nagase. What kind of strange things are you calling my girlfriend?”

…Anyway, it was like this. Nothing special happened today, and the time slowly slipped away.

On the way home, Chihiro was silent for a few moments, which was a little strange. He threw a questioning ‘You’re not really hating me, are you?’ look, and Taichi barely suppressed a laugh. Chihiro looked very happy, Taichi thought and sighed. At this moment —

Chihiro, who was slightly bowing his head, lifted the corners of his mouth in a smile.

A very light smile.


  1. Kurihara is referring to making Kiriyama wear masks to conceal the fact that she will be attending all the events.
  2. The original word is “manzai”, which is a traditional style of stand-up comedy in Japanese culture. It usually involves two performers, or manzaishi: a straight man, or tsukkomi, and a funny man, or boke, trading jokes between each other very quickly. The boke is often characterized as forgetful and dense, while the tsukkomi butts in every now and then and corrects the boke’s errors. More info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manzai
  3. “Pole-toppling”, capture-the-flag like, constitutes two teams trying to topple the poles on the other team’s side of the field. More info here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bo-taoshi
  4. “Cavalry fight”, commonly played during school sports day events. It is a field event. A team of four competitors work together, with three carrying the fourth who wears a bandana (hachimaki). The team is defeated if they are knocked over or if the bandana is removed by an opponent. More info here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_fight
  5. This is Gotou speaking.
  6. This is Gotou again, just in case you didn’t get it. Yes, he’s apologizing to Setouchi.
  7. Here, the author refers to the mini-dachshund’s highly energetic personality: brave, prudent, confident, and extroverted. It often makes comical movements and is a very happy breed. More info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miniature_Dachshund
  8. Nagase is presumably referring to the idea that in a group of diverse people (such as the Cultural Research Club), each person would have different personalities and traits. Here, she is joking that Taichi’s and Chihiro’s traits are overlapping.
  9. Again, referring to the joke about overlapping traits. See Reference 8 for more info.
  10. This is Chihiro speaking.
  11. I believe this is Nagase speaking.
  12. Again, referring to Nagase.
  13. This is a placeholder word, I believe its closest meaning is to signify “This happened and that happened.” Probably referring to Taichi telling Inaba what he wanted to say.
  14. Nagase is referring to the fact that Yui’s expectations for men are very high.
  15. Jankenpon is essentially “rock-paper-scissors”. Chihiro means that he participated in a game of Jankenpon to determine the cheering rep (the loser would do it) and he lost.
  16. “Pervert-ban”.

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