How defan approaches copyright and ads

I recently made a post in which I announced that I will be translating The Isolator by Reki Kawahara. However, since Yen Press announced that it had acquired English release rights for that series, I feel that it is time to address my stance on legal issues regarding licensed works.

I will be addressing copyright issues much like other translators: if I am asked by rights holders to stop translating a specific series, I will. I will not fight any legal battles for this. If you wish, feel free to make E-Book versions of my work, just credit me.

Also, you may notice that there are ads on my blog. I do not gain advertisement revenue. I am using this site specifically because it provides a clean format and easy aggregation, not to make money. WordPress requires that free accounts display ads on their blogs in order to stay free.

The above said, please enjoy your stay.


Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

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