Change of site structure regarding translations

Hello all. This is a brief update on a change in the site structure.

I’ve revamped how translations will be posted on this site. From now on, I will no longer post chapters or translations in individual posts; all translations will now be held in their individual pages, with one volume per page. All volumes will be gathered onto the page of their respective series. You can navigate the pages by accessing the menu above.

When I update the translations on their pages, I will make a post and link to the updated translation, starting right where it last left off. I believe that this will be a better method of organization compared to just grouping posts together, and hopefully make my lackluster translations more readable.

[SAO V15] Chapter 17 – Dark Territory (25% completion)

NOTE: Part 3 has not been completely edited for accuracy yet, but it is pretty accurate.

Translation of Chapter 17 of Volume 15 of Sword Art Online, at 25% completion.

Any feedback would be amazing.


Translation – defan752

Terminology – Tap, SAO Wiki

Proofreading – DarthMewtwo, CJ, Yuki

Japanese Version Parallel – CJ

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