New laptop, incoming lapse, and ETCs

Going to update some stuff to eliminate any confusion.

I should probably mention that I have gotten a new computer, if you haven’t inferred that already. However, prepare for a lapse in translation speed – I have a pretty big hurdle now in my studies, and I won’t be able to leap that until this summer.

The only real noticeable slowdown starts now and will last for about 2 weeks. Don’t expect any content to be released in this time period.

However, I will provide some extremely tentative completion estimates for my current projects:

Sword Art Online Volume 15: Hope to have the Chapter 17 released in three segments, as the entire chapter has 8 parts. Expect Parts 1-3 soon. I hope to have the volume done before mid-April.

Kokoro Connect Volume 5: Don’t panic! I’m working on Chapter 3 and a few more, so I can release several chapters at once to make up for the long wait.

Urasome Tenba Volume 1: This will be the slowest of the three, since it’s just something for fun. Expect Chapter 1 later in March.

Keep an eye out on the sidebar, under “Translation Progress“, as I’ll be updating that instead of posting updates. Defan out.


Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

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