Translation updates, site updates, and new editors!

I am done with my studies (for the moment)! I’ll be giving a few updates on translations, the site, and announcing the lucky people who will most likely be editors:

Translation Updates:

I can now move on to a faster pace of translation, which naturally will mean faster releases. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll be releasing a chapter a day, but it most certainly does not mean a chapter every two months. I can’t really give an estimate, and I don’t want to: I feel like going back on promises would be terrible disappointments for all of us.

Here are some project updates:

  • Sword Art Online is coming along nicely – I’ve finished about one-fourth of Chapter 17, and I’ll be releasing Parts 1-3 soon, as I detailed in an earlier post. I will be moving SAO to main project status as it’s getting close to completion and I want to get it done as soon as possible.
  • Kokoro Connect has been moved to side project status, but that does not mean I will be dropping it now or ever. It merely signifies that its translation speed will be slower than that of SAO, but only until SAO is finished. I’ve finished about 50% of Chapter 3.
  • Urasome Tenba is and will remain a side project. Its priority is roughly the same as Kokoro Connect. Negligible progress has been made on this project.

Site Updates:

I have updated my About page, added a Donation page (which I recommend that you read before judging me), and an FAQ page (which I also recommend reading). They’re all accessible from the menu bar, which is located on the top of each page.

New Editors:

You will probably be happy to know that releases are about to get even faster with the addition of new editors, who I hope will be as excited as I am! If you are listed below, please email me ASAP (right now), with the name you applied with, and your Skype name if you have one (send it to the email on my About page). Once we establish contact, we’ll decide get communication going between us all and work out a schedule and assigned projects. Please note that you will not all be editing SAO at once (which would be unbelievably chaotic).

  • Drake Braxton (SAO, KC)
  • jennykuri (SAO, KC)
  • Kumquat (SAO)
  • SaltySloth (SAO)
  • Yuki :3 (SAO, KC)

If you were not selected as an editor, please don’t feel bad; it simply means that things didn’t work out for you. You can definitely still apply on other translation sites, like Baka-Tsuki, who are always in need of editors for projects.


Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

19 thoughts on “Translation updates, site updates, and new editors!”

  1. I really wish to read the other chapters of kokoro connect translated first cuz if you think that SAO will finish will end you’re wrong

    please make kokoro conect your first proprieties ,and by the way why did you decide on making kokoro connect as a side project cuz you know it has been so long since it was released


  2. Best news I’ve heard all week, I’m expecting faster releases i hope! It’s really frustrating not being able to read this, Japanese people really have it great


    1. I’ve already answered this, but the answer is no, unfortunately. The reason is that YP is publishing it already, and they are quite unhappy with translators working on projects that they are close to releasing.


  3. I am really enjoying your traslations not just the SAO ones.

    Keep up the good work.

    I hope you don’t mind me posting your updtes on a FB page I admin.


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