Change of site structure regarding translations

Hello all. This is a brief update on a change in the site structure.

I’ve revamped how translations will be posted on this site. From now on, I will no longer post chapters or translations in individual posts; all translations will now be held in their individual pages, with one volume per page. All volumes will be gathered onto the page of their respective series. You can navigate the pages by accessing the menu above.

When I update the translations on their pages, I will make a post and link to the updated translation, starting right where it last left off. I believe that this will be a better method of organization compared to just grouping posts together, and hopefully make my lackluster translations more readable.


Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

26 thoughts on “Change of site structure regarding translations”

  1. Checking soo often thanks soo much for the hard work. Can’t wait to actually read it. Praying it comes out before the weekend ends.


  2. I’m one of your lectors that checks daily your website, maybe twice per day, just looking for an update. I really appreciate the hard work of all your team. I hope that we can see updates soon.


  3. Nooooo I didn’t know it had to be edited! I looked at the 100% and was so happy, then I looked at the posts and there wasn’t any new ones, so I looked back and saw the editing part! H-How m-much longer…


    1. Oops, just noticed this, when your mouse hovers over the SAO Chapter 17 at 100% – editing the information that pops up says 60%, just thought you should know that


  4. I would never call what you are doing lackluster. Translating takes a lot of mental energy and time. This can seem thankless sometimes but know that thousands of people are sitting on the edge of theirs seats just to know what happens next, so when you release a translation it is making many people happy and thankful.


  5. I thought this guy would be faster than our friend Tap, guess not. Thanks anyway for working hard on the translations, and making our boredom times a lot more fun. :)


  6. Wow. I was already getting crazy from waiting to get to seeing all your awesome job, but now that you’re at 95% I’m getting way crazier.

    Thank you for the awesome job you’re doing man! Keep it going!


    1. Im sure if u go around on the internet u would find some raws. (Hint: baka tsuki sao:talk [a page that wasn’t deleted] gives you a site with the raws)


  7. Thank you for all of the translation you’ve done (especially Sword Art Online), Defan. Can i ask you some request? I know this is selfish, but can you please consider to translate “papa no iukoto wo kikinasai” light novel? It would be great if you can translate it (if you have some free time of course, i know that you’re busy with SAO project and other stuff)


  8. Realy nice progress 35% –> 60%.
    Impressive of speed of translation, I’ve got a hope that next part of volume 17 will be published soon. And of course that it will be on a same great level of translation :)


  9. Hey defan, at what percentage of the chapter do you think the next part be released? any info will be welcome, thank you for translating!


        1. All right, I looked at his site, and he posted in 2014 saying that he will delete translations when he gets copyright claims from the Chinese publisher.


  10. That will be a great improvement! Thanks!

    And, also, thanks for all the efforts on translating SAO LN !!!

    Long life to defan’s translations and all contributors and translators !!!! \o/ \o/ \o/


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