Entering hiatus mode

Hello readers,

From today on I will be entering a state of translation stasis due to an upcoming surge in RL business. This will take up most of May and possibly extend to June, the duration of which I will be unable to release almost anything.

To the Kokoro Connect readers: Please do not be disheartened. That project has become my full focus and I will expect to have occasional tidbits of free time to work on it. I fully intend to complete it and have no intentions of dropping it.

Otherwise, I’ll see you all on the other side. Defan out.

[SAO V15] Chapter 17, Afterword, Illustrations complete! Volume complete!

NOTE: Parts 5-8 have not been completely paralleled to the Japanese version yet, but they are very accurate.

Translation of Chapter 17, the Afterword, and upload of the Illustrations of Volume 15 of Sword Art Online.

Any feedback would be great, we worked pretty hard on this.


Translation – defan752, TLM_A

Terminology – Tap, SAO Wiki

Proofreading – DarthMewtwo, CJ, Yuki, Kumquat

Japanese Consulation – CJ

Scans – Tap

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