[SAO V15] Chapter 17, Afterword, Illustrations complete! Volume complete!

NOTE: Parts 5-8 have not been completely paralleled to the Japanese version yet, but they are very accurate.

Translation of Chapter 17, the Afterword, and upload of the Illustrations of Volume 15 of Sword Art Online.

Any feedback would be great, we worked pretty hard on this.


Translation – defan752, TLM_A

Terminology – Tap, SAO Wiki

Proofreading – DarthMewtwo, CJ, Yuki, Kumquat

Japanese Consulation – CJ

Scans – Tap

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I am extremely glad to announce the pre-Golden Master version of Sword Art Online Volume 15, minus Chapter 14 and half of Chapter 15 (done by Tap on his site)! Everyone involved has worked so hard on this project and I am deeply grateful to all of you guys and the readers for the endless encouragement!

Now, since the site is now using a new structure, all individual volumes will have their own pages. HTML anchors have been added to the project, so you can jump around it from this page.

I know you all are extremely excited to just start reading, and if you’re picking up where you left off last time, just click the link below!

To jump straight to Part 4 of Chapter 17, click here.

Now, a few words about eBook versions. If you want to help make an eBook version (EPUB, PDF, MOBI) of this volume, please post a comment on the project page and know that much of the project is not edited for absolute accuracy yet. Now, it isn’t necessary to wait, because this version is already very accurate, but if you’re a perfectionist like I am, please contact me using the comments and I’ll let you know an estimate of when the project will be completely edited and finalized.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of Sword Art Online Volume 15!


Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

64 thoughts on “[SAO V15] Chapter 17, Afterword, Illustrations complete! Volume complete!”

  1. Hi, pretty new to the website. Just have one quick question to ask.

    Is this a complete Volume 15 translation? With all the chapters, illustrations and stuff?

    Cause I just finished Volume 14 a while back and I’ve been waiting for Volume 15 for a while :)


      1. How come this Volume starts with these higher chapters?

        Like how come it starts at Chapter 14, instead of 1?

        Can you explain xD


  2. Hi, new to the website and I have one very quick question to ask.

    Is this the full volume with every chapter? Because I finished Volume 14 a while back.


  3. I’m currently working on an ebook version since you need one. if you want, I can show you what i got done so far


  4. Thanks for the great work been waiting for the Sao translations for a while now and seeing your work, it just made me glad. Thanks once again.

    Side note: I know this is kind of inappropriate but if you guys could check out my ff on my blog and give some comments on how to improve the story, it’d mean a lot to me.
    Thanks once again


  5. Hello, I am new to this website and your works so there are a few question that tickle my curiosity. What do you mean by saying the translation is not completely paralleled to the Japanese text because I far as I see when I read your translation, everything makes sense and there are no errors or anything like that. Did you mean you translated this using machine or something that is inheritedly has error? Just to be clear, I am really, really appreciate your works, however, seeing that disclaimer there can’t be help but make me restless of what do you mean by that.


    1. Hello, this is CJ, the so-called Japanese parallel proofreader of the work.
      It is mentioned in previous chapters of Defan’s SAO translations that he translates them basing on Chinese translations. In other words, this translation in English you see is a product after two times of translations. You will certainly create loss of information in the process of translation, just as the lightening of colour when you copy a piece of document, so it requires a person to find out what is missing and fill in the gaps, and sometimes reconstructing sentences as well. These are what I do, and Defan calls it Japanese paralleling.
      I hope this piece of information would be helpful to you.


  6. Whelp, found some high(er) quality scans, some partially translated pics from another poster of a pdf down below (credit do whomever did those translations).

    I read the entire volume and made minor spelling and grammar corrections and added page numbers and such. I also cleaned up the pictures and re-applied the translations while adjusting them to your main-body translation for consistency. Credit of course for all translations goes to the proper people. I removed most of the Japanese from some of the pictures and finished one area that was not translated.

    If someone wants to translate the diagram pictures, let me know and i will insert the translations into the pictures and re-upload the pdf with the new translations.

    If I had more time i would remove all the Japanese characters on the pictures and clean them up but alas, life keeps me busy. Enjoy; and feedback is welcome; always looking to improve (well I’m no translator, that’s for sure!) but this is really only for fun, lol!


    (please let me know if the link fails)


        1. Ugh, since I’m not a WordPress member I can’t edit posts. Those links are wrong, here are the correct ones, sorry! :p


  7. Who is TML_A is he a partnered translator or one of your editors who can translate? Oh and quality of your work is perfect, thanks!


  8. Thanks for all your hard work!!

    Not to nit-pick put I’m putting together a PDF for myself (yeah I know there is one already) but I am a perfectionist and was wondering if you had any higher resolution scans of the latest released part or know where to get them? The first few were really good but these new ones are…a bit fuzzy.



      1. Sure, I will upload it when I am done compiling it. I have combined yours and Tap’s chapters together. If you would like, I can read it first and check for grammar before publishing the PDF.

        Just as an FYI, i do not do the fancy blue headers on every page that a lot of people do when making a PDF (it is just seems unnecessary to me).

        On a side note, since there is no set compilation out there I am in the VERY long process of editing PDFs, compiling the side stories, inserting translated pictures into PDFs and re-making them for the entire SAO works (minus the Progressive Series). I can post the link on your site when completed but eventually it will be done as I am sure you know, real life has a tendency to butt in and cause headaches!


        1. sadly no-one does the translations on the images anymore, as the ones who did were workers on Baka-Tsuki, the only way you’ll get translated images is if you either: do it yourself, or get a cleaner to do it for you, takes about a week per page
          wait for the english translations to be released.


  9. Hey Defan would it be possible to persuade you to translate the Alicization side story, Cradle of the Moon?


  10. I LOVE YOU. Guys you make me cry :´). I would really donate you some money but unfortunately you dont accept donations.

    THANK YOU MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Hey, it’s been a while since you posted this, but I figured I should tell you that this file, after around 50% just starts repeating the last couple pages for the rest of the book. Iunno if its your fault, or if it got corrupted between the time I downloaded it, and uploaded, but I figured I should let you (and others) know in case it’s on your end.


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