Back with renewed vengeance!

Hello, hello, hello, readers! Hope you’ve all been well.

Defan here, and I’m hereby announcing my return to normal-speed translation after a long, uneventful wait, with a new thirst for content delivery! You can expect more constant (and likely faster) releases now, and here’s what I plan to do during the summer:

  • Accel World
    • I will be helping with the “Burst Linkers Translation Project”, a three-member deadly trio dedicated to bringing you an exhaustive translation of the Accel World series, which has released up to Volume 18 (counting the one releasing later this week) but has, unfortunately, only been translated up to Volume 4 by Yen Press and Volume 5 by fan translators in the past, with a few dotted texts here and there. We’re here to remedy that, starting with Volume 6 over at the BurstLinkers website, which will start to see more updates soon.
  • Kokoro Connect
    • More work will be done on Volume 5, which is progressing quite nicely. In fact, I have a release for you today, which will be linked below.
  • Urasome Tenba
    • Ah, the woefully neglected niche series! Lovely old Tenba will receive more attention later this summer when some variation is needed.
  • The Isolator (Web Novel)
    • I will also be translating tidbits of The Isolator web novel when I can, for your reading pleasure. Please note that this version is significantly different from the light novel release. I also urge you to support Yen Press’ official translation of the light novel version.

And with that, let’s kick off the summer with Chapter 3 of Kokoro Connect Volume 5!


Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

30 thoughts on “Back with renewed vengeance!”

  1. Thank you so much for working on these translations! I know many people are eager about SAO Light Novel 16, and I am too, but just translate it whenever you have time! All the hard work you put in translating the different series are very appreciated, and I’d just like to thank you for providing all this to us fans!


  2. PLEASE can you translate SAO volume 16 first ? It was released yesterday in Japan.
    I think a lot of fan wait fir this novel to be translated (more than Accel World) and it would be a shame not to translate it considering you arlready did volume 15.

    So please I beg you focus on SAO volume 16. If you don’t do it who will ?


  3. Thanks for doing translations, super appreciated; just wondering when the next chapter of Kokoro Connect will be :)


  4. Hey defan do u somehow have the illustrations for volume 6 of RKL. I’m compiling and it would a lot if u did.


    1. Not exactly a hiatus – Just haven’t had a lot of time to work on translations. Release-wise, I’ve mostly been working on Accel World over at BurstLinkers.


  5. Welcome back!

    I’m ecstatic that you’ve taken up translating Kokoro Connect.
    Keep up the good work. We’re all rooting for ya!


      1. Since it said “during the summer” I thought you meant something along july-september. But now there is hope !


  6. Yes! Thanks you so much for continuing with Kokoro Connect, I started reading it recently in Baka tsuki and I was afraid that nobody will continue translating it.


  7. Welcome back!
    I hope that you might consider translating Log Horizon starting with volume 8, as it has been halted right now.
    Thank you for your translations!!


  8. I’m a huge fan of your work and I’m happy that you are gonna start translating Accel World which I’m a huge fan of but could you kindly start translating mahouka which is another good novel please. Anyways keep up the good work and I’m excited to read Accel World


  9. pl guys try to add mahouka in ur list already 14 volumes have been translated pl continue from there pllllllllll other wise we have to wait for 5 years to read pl help


  10. Oh yea! I’ve been waiting for your comeback for ages now and you are finally starting your work again :) Good luck and thanks, I can’t wait to read more!


  11. Thank you for your continued dedication defan! I’ll look forward to reading more of Kokoro Connect. Welcome back! :)


  12. WOW,
    thank you very much by the volume 15 Sword Art Online .

    I am of Latin America and here too many novels are translated esperraba forward to his translation of Accel World .
    But he expected to begin from volume 12 lol.
    in Spanish and we tarducido until the beginning of Volume 12 , I personally translated several volumes using fuenhtes in English , Russian and Chinese.
    I hope they get quickly to the volume 13 for translating from the Chinese and Russian I find it very difficult .
    Thanks , here is the link to my translator group.


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