[KC V5] Chapter 5 – And The Pentagon Dissolved

NOTE: I will revise all the References to this volume eventually. For now, please scroll down to the list every time you see a footnote. Also, in the future, I may return to the system of providing separate chapters in each post instead of making a large page for a whole volume.

Chapter 5 has been added to the page for Volume 5. Click this link to jump straight to it. 

Please provide all possible feedback. Thanks. 



Translation – defan752

Editing – defan752


Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

6 thoughts on “[KC V5] Chapter 5 – And The Pentagon Dissolved”

  1. Defan just… THANK YOU. What you do is awesome. Really thank you. I deeply admire and appreciate your efforts in translating a wonderful LN series eveybody seems to neglect. Again thank you.


  2. There are many of us who deeply appreciate the work you are doing on Kokoroco. Thank you for your hard work on this series! I love it!


  3. Sorry firstly, but I think almost all visitor in here just want to see if there is update on SAO Vol 16. So why do you work on another project instead of SAO? Sorry if I am being rude here, once again I say sorry, please forgive me ! Waiting, waiting and waiting, so hurt !


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