Status Update (12/24/15)

Happy holidays!

Given recent events, it’s time to make some announcements.

  • General:
    • A number of large Chinese companies have come together and taken down much of the Chinese light novel translation sites. This potentially affects me in that I might not be able to translate any light novels outside of what I am already translating, since I will no longer be able to get raws easily.
  • Sword Art Online light novel
    • Tap has released Volume 16 Chapter 18, and since there’s only one other chapter in Volume 16, I’ve decided to drop Volume 16 and advise that you read Tap’s translation instead.
    • However, I will most likely be working on Volume 17, which releases Summer 2016.
  • Sword Art Online web novel
    • Haven’t started on it yet.
  • Kokoro Connect 
    • I managed to get the raws for the rest of this series and will hopefully be completing the entire thing.
    • On Volume 5, I hope to have it done before the end of January.
  • Urasome Tenba
    • I managed to get the raws and still might do this as a little side project.
  • Accel World
    • We hope to release Volume 6 on BurstLinkers a few days after Christmas.

As always, thanks for your support!