[SAO V16] Chapter 19 – The Radiant Medium (72% completion)

Translation of Chapter 19 of Sword Art Online Volume 16, at 72% completion. 

Click this link to read it on its page.

Please note that Chapter 18 is not included. Find Tap’s translation of that here.

All feedback is welcome.

Translation Credits:

Translation – CJ, luacs1998, defan752

Editing – defan752, DarthMewtwo

Scans – 仓崎枫子

Terminology – Tap



Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

34 thoughts on “[SAO V16] Chapter 19 – The Radiant Medium (72% completion)”

  1. Hey! Is the chapter still at 72% or is it complete? Just so I know when to start reading, I suffer a lot xDD Thanks a lot for this hard work!! :D


  2. Thank you so much for this translation sir!
    Does volume 16 end with only 2 chp?
    I just can’t wait for your next translation!!
    Keep up ur good work sir!


  3. Thank you sososososososo much for translating this, I was jumping up and down like a little girl when I found this like a week ago lol. I come back like everyday sometimes several times a day hoping the last 28% got released. :) please by all means release it at your leisure, however I will be desperately awaiting the last piece of this chapter with every fiber of my being burning passionately at 1000 times the heat of the sun.


  4. Thanks sooo very much for your tireless efforts. I have been hanging out for this for some time, and was ecstatic yesterday when I checked Tap’s site and found the referral to you guys. I can’t thank you enough. Many blessings to you..


  5. Thank you so much for the translation, I’ve been waiting since Tap left it. Not only you make every English speaker fan of SAO happy, but also the Spanish speakers that will read it retranslated.


  6. Asuna should just pull out the ‘Wife card’ already, that’ll put an end to any bickering from the other girls full stop, and their reactions would be amazing haha


  7. Thank you very much for all the effort you put on the translation! it’s my first time posting a comment on here, although i’m not into doing this, I couldn’t stop myself to be really gratefull for what you. Thanks for all your work!


  8. Hey, thank you soooo much for the translation! Really appreciate it! Btw, how does vassago know about asuna’s real identity (being “The Flash” and all in Sao)? I’m a little confused haha, although I did read all of the light novels ^^


          1. since he does like pking i think he was a member of laughing coffin which kirito and asuna were part of their subjugation in aincrad.


  9. It would be funny if all 4 girls woke up and they all clinging to kirito that I wonder what their reaction of each other would be


  10. Thank you Defan for translating this part i was afraid of having to wait a very long time because you and tap both said you where not going to translate this part. But i am very glad you did!
    are you working on the last 28%? or are you to busy with other projects? Well i hope it will be out sooner or later ^_^

    You are awesome and that is something that can not be said enough.
    Thanks again for all your great work!



  11. Sir defan? When will u post the other 28% of this chapter? Looking forward on your next translation… thank you so much!


  12. thanks a lot for translating ^^ been following you along with Tap for a long while but I don’t think I ever commented, this chapter was quite a treat with both Asuna and Alice being jealous xD thank you very mucho :v


  13. So you’re going along with radiant medium. I honestly thought “maiden of light” or “priestess of light” would work better. Thoughts anyone?


      1. No problem there. Anyway, thanks for the translate. Always appreciating those who still go on for others even after being forced to shut down. =D


  14. Thank you so much defan. Beautiful work and quite the large amount completed too. Considering the large timeframe you and tap disappeared I never considered all this to be done. You and tap have my greatest gratitude for all the work you’ve done for this series.


  15. Hi, first time reader and commenter. Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work though I don’t think I will be reading vol 19 ’til I get the chance to read vol 18. Don’t wanna get lost with everything going on..
    Since Tap’s stopped translating I’m glad to see you taking over so again thank you.


    1. I don’t think Tap has stopped translating. It was mentioned that he will be focusing in other projects… Anyways thanks defan752 and company for the translation. This is the last chapter for vol 16, right?


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