[SAO] Ordinal Scale – Special Interview with Tomohiko Itou

Translation of interview with movie director Tomohiko Itou that appeared on the official website

Read it here.

All feedback is welcome.

Translation Credits:

Translation – defan752

Editing – CJ


Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

12 thoughts on “[SAO] Ordinal Scale – Special Interview with Tomohiko Itou”

  1. Tap is busy for a long while and so wont be doing the translation of the new SOA chapter for the moment, he said to check in with you instead, I was wondering if there was a timeframe or if you are thinking of translating anytime soon? Thank you!


  2. Thanks for translating this interview !! Very interesting and I wonder how it will turn out in the end. Anyway thanks to that I am listening to Sing All Overtures now xD


        1. From what he’s said in previous update posts, it seems like he knows Chinese, rather than Japanese. The Detour Translation method is a red-flag usually, but defan does an excellent job of keeping quality high in his work.
          No doubt he can tell you more about it himself, though.


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