Status on Kokoro Connect

Hi all. Since you’ve undoubtedly been wondering why the Kokoro Connect translation is taking so long, I’ve decided to provide the best explanation I can.

I’ve been bogged down with real life business lately and other translation projects as well, and this will continue for some time before I can fully focus on Kokoro Connect. However, I have no plans to stop translating Kokoro Connect, and I don’t think I will, since no one else has picked it up.

The wait just got a little longer, because I’ve realized that the source I’m translating from is unreliable, and decided to switch to another, better source (actually buying the light novels). This will involve going back and revising whatever work I’ve already done, but that shouldn’t take too long. The novels will take some time to get here, so please be patient. You can expect Volume 5 to be finished by summer.

Another thing – I’m considering putting my translations back on Baka-Tsuki for better editing help. It might ease your access to the translation, too. If I make a decision, I’ll let you all know.

Happy reading.


Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

10 thoughts on “Status on Kokoro Connect”

  1. Good to hear translation on Kokoro Connect keeps progressing :)
    Thank you for your efford, you are the best <3


  2. As long as you say you’ll do it I can wait forever like unrequited love. I’m really looking forward to reading more Kokoro in the future hope your real life business is booming :D


  3. It’s a bit sad that things are getting delayed, but I understand completely. I’m very glad to hear that you plan to keep it up, and I thank you for taking the time to let us all know. Never underestimate the power of the occasional update. :)

    For my part, I grabbed one of the light novels myself and tried my hand at translating, but found that my expected skill level of Novice was selling myself too high :P
    Perhaps I could offer my assistance as an editor instead. I may be lacking in Japanese (particularly Kanji. ugh), but I’m quite fluent in English (which I hope shows here), and should be plenty capable of catching misspellings or off grammar. If that’s something you could use, by all means let me know.


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