[KC V5] Chapter 7 – No Matter When, This World Is…

Chapter 7 has been added to the page for Volume 5. Click this link to jump straight to it. 

Please provide all possible feedback. Thanks. 

Translation Credits:

Translation – defan752

Editing – defan752


Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

3 thoughts on “[KC V5] Chapter 7 – No Matter When, This World Is…”

  1. I am SO glad to finally get the resolution to that big ol’ cliffhanger. This was a great read, and you did a great job with the translations. There were a couple odd errors here and there, but nothing that wasn’t easy to fix in my head. We’re onto the final stretch now. One final chapter and an epilogue. And I believe you said that after that you would be willing to go do Clip Time? There’s a lot of stuff there that isn’t translated at all or is done so poorly I can’t follow what’s going on. It could really use the love. But whatever you do next, I wish you luck with it, and I’ll see you next year for that final chapter!


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