[KC V5] Volume 5 complete

Chapter 8, the Epilogue, and the Afterword have been added to the Volume 5 page. Click this link to jump to Chapter 8.

NOTE: Half of the volume was translated when I was relatively inexperienced. I need to go back and edit the first few chapters. I do not recommend making any EPUBs or PDFs before I announce that the entire volume has been edited.

This marks the first light novel volume I have completed on my own. Thank you for all of your support these years!

Translation Credits:

Translation – defan752

Editing – defan752


Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

12 thoughts on “[KC V5] Volume 5 complete”

  1. Once you finish the check-up of the volume, will you go back to volume 4.5? At least the last chapter, Pentagon++, is relevant to the plot. And the other untranslated chapter, Inaba Himeko’s Solo Battle, shouldn’t be too long.


  2. Thank you for your perseverance in seeing this series through. You’ve done a fantastic job. The Baka Suki translations, although readable, are a bit rough. Your effort is truly appreciated.


  3. Well you sure put me to shame :D I thought another chapter would take another long time, but it turns out you had the whole thing done in that time. That makes better sense, and I’m extremely pleased :D Now then…I wonder if the supposedly translated Volume 6 is up to par. I’ll come back once I know, just so other readers know whether it’s a good read or not. And whether you need to worry about it after Clip Time’s done.


    1. Well, I read the entire first chapter for Volume Six over on BakaTsuki, and it looks to be done, but the quality is noticeably poor. Stilted grammar and word choice, a few typos or entire missing words. It can be difficult to get meaning out of many of the sentences. I would say it needs an editing job, but possibly not an entire retranslation, unless you just really want to do it your own way from scratch. If you decided to skip it, it would be a touch disheartening, but no giant loss. It’s readable, it just lacks flow, and a lot of the finer details and character interactions are lost. And this might just be the book as a whole, but it can be extremely difficult to tell what characters are talking at times.


  4. Love you dude can’t believe how quick you got this done! Really looking forward to you seein this all the way. Additionally, if you need an editor I’d like to help for Kc.


  5. Thank you. It means a lot that you would put so much effort into this. By the way, any thoughts you would write the two missing parts of Volume 4.5 in Baka-Tsuki?


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