SAO: Project Alicization – Chapter 1

UPDATE: This chapter is now updated with good scans and refreshed text. Enjoy!

This is a release of Chapter 1 of the Sword Art Online: Project Alicization manga adaptation. I have worked with several nice people on this, and the chapter has been uploaded to Batoto, which will be linked below.

Read Chapter 1 here. 

As always, comments are appreciated.

Release Credits:

Raws – SAO Scans Project

Translation – defan752

Japanese Editing – OmegaVesko

Editing, Typesetting – ZeHaffen

Cleaning – Mttblue2

Quality Check – defan752


Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

34 thoughts on “SAO: Project Alicization – Chapter 1”

  1. Defan i hope you’re continuing translating the LN while you guys go for that manga adaptation. I havent heard of anyone else translating V17-c21. You are the hero we need.


    1. Note: I do not own such pdf compilations here. The credits goes to there respective pdf compilers. Mamue’s sao archive is still the best and original source of the sao pdf compilations.



  2. Thanks for the hardwork.

    Do you plan to upload the chapters on MEGA? =3
    Since few ppl like me prefer to save the manga that we like. Ty


  3. Wow… isn’t this the best looking manga adaptation so far?? I mean, the art really does abec’s original designs justice. Thanks a lot!! will wait for the updated version


  4. Can one get good mirror of the translated files, while we have freedom to read this stuff. I would like to see just one group translate this. If they get too slow other translators can bump up them off the chapter and get stuff done. I still favor the light novels get prority translation over manga because I want to read the whole story rather just fan service manga as todays latest trend seems to be. I find Baka-Tsuka is the just the wrong model to serve Internet browsing comunity, and other sites are stuck with stupid movie banner ads.


  5. Was it that bad that you decided to just drop the first version instead of leaving it up until you acquire the new raws?


    1. No, it’s currently down because we reuploaded the chapter after noticing that someone wasn’t credited, and it looks like we have to wait some time for Batoto to approve it this time. Sorry about that.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Yeah, thanks for this, Defan.

    Just one thing, though: Where are the scanlations for the Phantom Bullet manga adaptation? Mangahere has the Aincrad, Fairy Dance and Progressive ones only.

    How far has the anime gotten so far?


    1. Phantom Bullet doesn’t currently have a scanlation, and likely never will. The major reason being that Yen Press has already licensed that series, and also probably that nobody cares enough to do it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If the Licensing alone were that big a problem for manga scanlators in the first place, no would’ve been able to read Naruto or Bleach online for free at all. So I think that the latter being the case is more likely. But I don’t see how people can stand reading the Aincrad, Fairy Dance and Progressive manga adaptations completely scanlated, then skip over to the Alicization one just like that without reading the Phantom Bullet, Caliber or Mother’s Rosario ones scanlated. The people who’re only reading the manga won’t know the whole story like this.


        1. A: Read the Anime. :-)
          I was hoping the Anime would have come out first, rather than than the manga, but that is life.


          1. You don’t read the anime. You watch it. But yeah, I guess I should do that. But how far as the anime gotten?


                1. Unlikely. Why would they, the story is past The First Day and we won’t see a Progressive anime in the foreseeable future. Sorry, but it doesn’t look good. I always wanted this to be animated too


                  1. Some of Progressive was animated already. In fact, the main reason Kawahara had to write Progressive in the first place was to give the anime guys a story that would tell us what happened in the main story that was skipped in the main LN. “Aria of a Starless Night”‘s events happened in Episode 1 or so of the anime, didn’t they? Though maybe only Progressive Volume 1 was for that. And even then, just the first story in it.

                    And in Early and Late, there’s one story was already animated: The one where Kirito and Asuna investigated a Safe-Area PK incident that took place on the 50th floor or so. You remember seeing that in the anime, right? Don’t you know that that came from “Early and Late”?


                    1. Also, there’s Caliber in there as well, which happened in ALO. Before “Mother’s Rosario,” probably, since it’s where he gets Excaliber (the E is intentional – it’s how they spelled the name of the sword in ALO, after all, and the characters themselves noted how the name is misspelled; it should be “Excalibur” with a U), and he seems to already have that sword in “Mother’s Rosario”.


                    2. Episode 02 was adapted from the first chapter of Progressive, you’re right on this one. Though A LOT was changed or omitted.
                      Currently there are no plans to dive further into an animation of the Progressive arc, sadly. Progressive only exists because A-1 was asking for additional content so they could reduce the horrendous time skips, and since Kawahara wrote way to much (again) it ended in Progressive.
                      Early and Late doesn’t belong to Progressive, though :)

                      I’m an active contributor to the SAO Wiki and provide the SAO Archive, do you have any other questions? ;)


                    3. I know Early and Late isn’t a part of Progressive. I’m just saying that a part of it was already animated (the one about Kirito and Asuna investigating a Safe-Area PK). They could still animate the rest of it if they wanted to, maybe as flashbacks.


              1. An anime is a cartoon. It’s something you watch, mainly. The subtitles are just a side thing to help you understand what’s being said. Some people don’t need them because they know Japanese. So yeah, at the end of the day, anime are mainly watched.


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