Kokoro Connect will now be hosted at NanoDesu Translations

Hey Kokoro Connect fans, I’ve got some exciting news for you.

This was actually decided nearly a month ago, but I am now a translator at NanoDesu Translations as well. I even have a bio there.

My first project with them will be none other than Kokoro Connect. This means that all Kokoro Connect content will, from now on, be published on the Kokoro Connect project site at NanoDesu Translations. I will still be announcing updates on both this site and that site regularly, but the translation will only be on NanoDesu.

The Kokoro Connect project site can be found here.

What does this mean for you? Well, with NanoDesu, I now have a dedicated editor and illustration typesetters, a dedicated team to make PDFs and EPUBs, and more at my disposal that I did not previously have. This means that reading Kokoro Connect will hopefully become a better experience for you.

For Volume 5, as you know, I’ve been re-editing my translation and completely reworking it. The one being slowly published to NanoDesu is the reworked version. 


Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

7 thoughts on “Kokoro Connect will now be hosted at NanoDesu Translations”

  1. Nice to see that you have more help now. Thanks for bringing us this awesome series. ありがとう、がんばって!!!


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