[SAO v18] Afterword

Note: The afterword itself has no spoilers, save for the ending of the Aincrad arc.

The afterword of Volume 18 has been translated.

Click here to read it.

This is unusual for me, since I usually complete the afterword of a book when I finish the book first, but considering the recent news on what could possibly become SAO Volume 19 (Volume 18 spoiler warning!), we thought it would be a good idea to publish the afterword of Volume 18, since it contains some thoughts from the author pertaining to the future of the series. Please note that we have not begun work on this volume proper, and are still actively focusing on Volume 17.

As always, comments are appreciated.

Translation Credits:

Translation – CJ, defan752

Editing – CJ, ZeHaffen




Author: defan752

I translate stuff for you all to read.

29 thoughts on “[SAO v18] Afterword”

  1. I think you for your hard work with vol 17. Due to the seen cliff I will … not read 17th vol until 18 is done. While I know the translation is done in free time, I wish it came out before my bachelor thesis defense XD .. or maybe not like finish by June/July would be perfect. Either way I thank you for your work and when I get some money I will donate D: somehow?


  2. its been 2 months already since the first time you posted v17 ch 21 was just 10% was 10/1/2016. and now is already 12/10/2016, i thought you were abandon this project or else? and since 25/10/2016 [v18 afterword] i see no new entry post. so i want to know is there any progress even it was just a bit. i really appreciate to the translation and i look forward if this project was nearly done. thanks anyway.


  3. Me: Checks defan’s blog.
    After reading the title of the newest post
    Me: heart skips a beat
    I thought that up to volume 18 was fully translated…

    Well, I’ll be patiently waiting for the rest of the translation. I’m no pushover.


  4. Is Volume 18 going to be the last one, or does it just mean it’s close to the last one due being part of the finale? And do we know yet if the series will continue after the Alicization arc? From what Kawahara said in this Afterword, it seems he plans on ending it with the Alicization arc, but it also seems like he might continue it. So how is it exactly?


    1. There was something at the end of the volume that said that SAO would continue in 2017. The text says “Kirito will return. New, completely original Sword Art Online chapter to begin in 2017”. How it will continue is unknown (spin-off, v19, something else perhaps), but it will most definitely continue in some way.


        1. Every time you ask, we push the release back another week.
          We have lives outside of translating, and some of us have far more important things to take care of currently. We’ll release it when it’s ready, until then you’ll just have to wait.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Yeah, I suppose, but at the same time it can get annoying. People expect so much and act as if we don’t have lives outside of translating, despite the fact that we do it in our free time and for nothing in return. It’s the epitome of “labour of love” and it’s still not enough for people, that’s what really gets to me.


              1. Yeah, I know… I have some experience writing on story forums, and there are people who seem to actually think that they deserve the next installment. They can definitely get annoying, but I guess they’re just ignorant… I think most folk understand that free stuff is a gift, and is being paid for somehow by someone else.


          1. Ohh come on. I though it was obius that I was just joking. Its just that… I cant wait for know how it end. I’m sorry if you felt offended, It wasn’t my intention. I really appreciate your hard work, keep on it guys ;)


            1. It’s cool, I apologize for being a bit short with you about it. It just gets old after a while is all, even when people are joking (they usually are) it starts to wear away at you after a time.


      1. Thanks for your work, as always. You are doing an amazing job!
        “Before I step into the next world, I wanted to properly appreciate and feel the things (…)”
        I am kinda thinking he might add something small to recap/finish the Alicication Arc. (However, since I don’t know what happens in V18 and how it ends, maybe that’s not even neccesary). Definitely great to hear that he has the intention of following Kirito and friends into their next adventures, I’d say we can expect at least a few more storys directly connected to the main novel series. And I am looking forward to it!

        As for the pals pressing the release of V17: Yes, I am eager to read it too, but come on. Those guys are doing all that work for free, please let them do their job. After all, more time means a better reading experience for us anyway. ^^


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