SAO: Project Alicization – Chapter 2

After several delays, we finally have a release of Chapter 2 of the Sword Art Online: Project Alicization manga adaptation. Just like last time, the chapter has been uploaded to Batoto and is linked below.

Read Chapter 2 here. 

As always, comments are appreciated.

Release Credits:

Raws – SAO Scans Project

Translation – OmegaVesko

TLC – defan752

Editing – ZeHaffen

Cleaning, Redrawing – Mttblue2

Typesetting – ZeHaffen, Mttblue2

Quality Check – defan752


27 thoughts on “SAO: Project Alicization – Chapter 2”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the translation, and for all your hard work! Something to look forward to when I get home :)

    Can everyone be polite and patient in the comments? If you want a faster translation of the novel then try paying someone for it.


  2. Great work guys. Any new content I can get, I’ll enjoy. Keep up working at your own pace. Greetings from Brazil.



  3. Yes! More SAO Alicization! Thank you so much for all your hard work editors! This made my day! Btw, I’m unable to find the manga chapter 1. Sorry but if you guys could check that out it’d be great. Again, thanks!!


    1. Chapter 1 is still on Batoto, however you need to be logged into an account (it’s free) to view older chapters.


    1. It seems to me that the translation of the ch21 of V17 was done already, they are editing it and checking everything in order to publish, the whole team seems to be trying it out, wished that there was something that I could do to help this out.

      Glad and thanks for all the work @defan752


    2. The last release of light novel content was three months ago, not even remotely close to a year. Be patient.


    1. I heard that he’s halting the light novel translation indefinitely, plans to focus solely on translating the manga from now on. Don’t quote me on that tho.

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      1. that is wrong as far as i know and he said in his last comments, he is in editing stage, its already translated


        1. Shh, I was trying to troll him for being the million and first person to ask when we’re releasing v17. It’s getting really damn tiresome, especially when we post a release of something else and all we get is “v17 when?” from everyone. I understand that this is fan translation so it’s a thankless job with impatient readers, but this is taking it too far in my opinion.

          Also I’m well aware of the current progress on the volume, I’m part of the translation team. :P

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          1. Honestly, what do you expect? You are the only group translating the SAO LN and a lot of people come here just for that (if there is a group that’s translating a bit worse but faster, please tell me). Yet after several MONTHS (october), we know nothing about V17 beside a “editing” tweet. And then there is still V18.


            1. What I expect is a little bit of goddamn patience, sorry it’s taking us, a group of FANS working to translate the series in our spare time, longer than your poor little heart wants us to take. We are literally doing this for free because we love the series, sue me if it’s wrong for me to expect people to understand that we aren’t superhumans who spend every moment of our free time translating for impatient, ungrateful fans.

              We do this out of a passion for this series, that’s all, and I don’t think it’s wrong to expect a little patience. The single greatest gift we can be given is patience, so to all six or so people who are understanding of what we do and that it sometimes takes a while, you have our deepest gratitude.

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              1. поверьте, мы действительно благодарны вам за перевод, и готовы ждать сколько потребуется (правда чем меньше – тем лучше). и думаю нас немного больше шести. а учитывая то, что на несколько стран вы единственный сайт занимающийся переводом sao, удивительно, что нетерпеливых комментариев так мало.

                В общем, еще раз спасибо, и продолжайте заниматься тем, чем любите заниматься в свободное время. например редактированием чего-нибудь.. ))

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              2. I said that people keep asking “When will V17 be out?” because we know nothing. In this site there is a news once in a while and the “Sword Art Online Volume 17: In progress” on the right gives no informations. Even the tweets don’t give any kind of information (infact the last time defan had to say that the volume was in a certain phase and it was not completed). Is it so hard to say how the work is going?


                1. See, here’s the thing: you know exactly where we are. Like defan said in his tweet, translation is complete and the work is being edited. We don’t give exact numbers because things can change at any time. Say, for example, we update progress to 75% then two days later it becomes 90%. One would expect it to be complete shortly thereafter, however, due to this being a fan translation, if something happens to cause progress to be halted temporarily it will be stuck at 90% and then we’ll get even more questions. We leave it vague because it keeps you updated on whether or not we’re still working on the project, but without being to specific as to cause people to get any false hope should a problem occur.

                  You know where we currently are in regards to the work even though we don’t even have to provide that for you, be glad we even do that. We don’t even have to tell you it’s in progress, we could just as easily say nothing about it and ignore all questions should we choose to. It’ll come when it’s ready, if you’re not happy with that then either read the original or do your own damn translation.


                  1. I know that it’s your choice to not reveal how the translation is going, but you can’t troll users when they ask for informations.


                    1. Why not? It’s a question that is asked on almost a daily basis and will always come with an answer of “we don’t know, we’ll release it when it’s ready”. If he thinks that his asking will warrant a different answer than the countless others before him, then he deserves a reply that is not serious. ESPECIALLY when he comes into the release for something separate and does nothing but to ask said question, that’s just plain rude.

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                    2. Do you expect to get daily updates on the status of the translation? Do you think they owe us or something? You do know they aren’t paid for this right! Ask any translation team on the internet, they do this because they like it and WHEN it is possible for them to do it. While they want to finish it asap, real life steps in. And because of that, it is also hard to find a time when the team can work in sync which pushes up the release date.

                      You yourself said that it’s been 3 months since the last update. If you’re that desperate, have you tried to learn a little Japanese? I am (and I guess most of us are) a lazy bum so I give the hard task to the translators for translating something I like to read. If in return, all they want us to wait, that isn’t too much to ask is it?

                      And don’t get me wrong. I also ask these ‘when will Vol XYZ of ABC come out’ questions. And to an extent, it shows that people appreciate what you do and want more. But I only ask these questions when the translators like to give wonky update status. But these guys (and most of the translators out there) have stayed faithful to the translation and the readers for a long time now. So if they said that they are working on it, I can at least trust them. And even if they were to abandon the translation (which I hope doesn’t happen), I fully expect them to update about that as well.

                      I have a question for you. Readers (including myself) get frustrated when they ask the TLors when the next vol will come out and they always reply with ‘It’ll come soon’. So don’t you think it’s the same for TLors when, with every new update all they get is the same old question?


    2. The TL will come when it will. defan752 hasn’t said anything about actually stopping the translation. So have faith, they are still working on it. We tend to forget they have real lives as well. I am waiting for the TL as well but being asked the same thing over and over again does get quite irritating quite fast for the translator team.

      @translation team: Is the manga published twice a month or once every two months? If its the latter, then its going to be a long wait to see the end of this ‘Epically Long’ arc.

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      1. Yes, translation is indeed ongoing, we have no intention of stopping. It’s as you said though, we do indeed have lives of our own so if things come up translation is often the first thing put aside. It’s not like we want to put it aside, quite the opposite in fact, but as this is a hobby it just happens that we HAVE to do so. Rest assured that as soon as something is ready to post it will be posted.

        Also, to answer your question, it’s every other month that chapters release in Japan. We should have chapter 3 ready soon as that released about a month ago, but the next chapter won’t release for about a month so don’t expect anything new for at least that long after c3 is released.


        1. ZeHaffen, I tried to find this info on the web and was unable to, the Progressive Manga Chapters and the Alicization Chapters are all supposed to come from the Dengeki Comics right ? That’s a monthly magazine, are they releasing chapters of each of them on different editions ? Like, Progressive on November, Alicization on December and forward ?


          1. Progressive manga chapters come out monthly in Dengeki G’s Magazine, whereas Alicization manga chapters release every other month in Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE.

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