Status Update (11/14/15)

Hey all, it’s been a really long time since my last release, and I’ve been feeling guilty for keeping you guys in the dark, so here’s why I haven’t released much and what will happen next:

  • Why nothing has happened for a while:
    • I’ve been really busy with RL and it’s reached a level that’s become hard to manage. Translations were completely in the back of my mind during that time.
    • The good news is that the business has eased up, allowing me more time to translate.
    • From now on, expect phases of time during which I won’t be releasing anything.

  • Sword Art Online Volume 16
    • Yes, I know the progress bar shows 20% of Chapter 18, and yes, that much has been translated, but it hasn’t been updated for a while.
    • I don’t want to disappoint by updating it to its actual progress. I haven’t done much of Volume 16 because it’s being translated by another translator (Tap), who will likely be faster than me. I urge you to go to that site instead.
    • I translated Volume 15 because it was long overdue for a translation. That time hasn’t come for Volume 16 yet, but if it does, I will pick up speed on this. If Tap releases before I do, I will consider dropping Volume 16. That does NOT mean I will drop future SAO volumes.
    • I understand that this project receives the highest demand but I don’t feel like racing against someone else. I’ve been focusing most on other projects at the moment.
  • Kokoro Connect Volume 5
    • Moving forward with Volume 5. I want to finish this before the end of the year.
    • I fully intend to translate the entire series if no one else helps. If I get help, all the better.
  • Urasome Tenba
    • This is a fallback series that I will do whenever I feel like doing nothing else. It’s still pretty much at the same progress as it was before.
  • Accel World (at BurstLinkers)
    • Although it may not look like it, I’ve been helping a lot with the highly ambitious Accel World translation project. We’re trying to do the entire series and catch up to the Japanese release. Sounds stupid? That’s why we’re doing it.
    • We’re just about to release Volume 6.

  • Potential new projects in the future (Yes, I am crazy.)
    • SAO Web Novel Excerpts and Ending: In the future (possibly around the end of SAO’s LN release), I will attempt to translate excerpts of important plot points and the ending of the web novel, to show the difference between it and the light novel. Note that it is the actual text and not the summaries.

Announcing defan’s translations.

Welcome and enjoy your stay. If you’re reading this, then you most likely know that I translate things for the fanbase to read. I created this site in order to have a place to keep all of my translations, and to provide a cleaner format conducive to reading. I currently don’t have an abundance of free time, but I estimate that I will in a couple of months. Meanwhile, feel free to look around.