Q: When will the next part/chapter/volume/series be released?

A: This is the most asked question, bar none. The answer is when it’s ready. The reason I’m saying this is that there have been unpleasant experiences of unmet expectations in the past, and I would definitely prefer not to go through that again as everyone gets disappointed. If I’m on hiatus, I will usually say so.

Q: Why do releases take so long?

Several reasons:

  1. I am frequently busy and only translate and edit during my free time.
  2. I translate from Chinese to English, which is sometimes not very accurate to the original Japanese text. I sometimes have to wait for TLC to make sure that they are.
  3. I’m in a bad mood. This is very rare.

Q: Can I publish your translations elsewhere?

I really prefer that you don’t just so that people have a centralized place to read them, but if you absolutely must, then please credit everyone involved in that specific translation.

Q: Can I make an electronic/eBook version of your translations?

Sure! Then, please make a comment with a link to the file on the electronic/eBook download page of the translation you wish to electronicize. Those are found under the Light Novels page.

Q: Can I translate your translations into another language?

Sure, but translating from a translation isn’t the best idea, especially with my translations. However, if you persist, please credit everyone who was involved in that specific translation.

Q: Will you pick up this series that I really, really love?

Show it to me, and I will definitely consider it! However, please don’t be disappointed if I don’t pick yours. I’ve already got a lot on my plate at the moment.


16 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Hi Defan! just a fan wondering how is SAO’s Volume 17 CH 21 progress doing? I can´t wait to find out more! I’m so grateful of all your work and I’m still waiting for any news regarding this chapter. Hope you can post a bit more soon! Thanks!


  2. Hey defan live your work just excited to finish sword art online volume 17 chapter 21 I happy your translating it I lost out on reading tokyo ravens book 14 I can’t miss out on this too


  3. Please finish the SAO novels before you start anything else, I have been waiting months to see how this battle ends. Love your work by the way.


  4. I have a suggestion. Would you try translating No Game No Life? I know it’s licensed already, but the current translator has health problems and progress is slow. Thanks!


    1. Hi! Well, the situation is that I already have two huge licensed projects, and it would not only be riskier to take on another one, it would also probably not be any faster than the current translator (since I have so many projects) and unfortunately, my interest in No Game No Life isn’t strong enough. I’m so sorry! I hope you find another way to enjoy this series.


  5. Hi defan please keep up the great work! I am a big fan of SAO and your translations! I was wondering if you can turn book 17 into a PDF. Also if you need I can help you proof read and help with other various things for your site. Keep up with your great work!


  6. Please translate SAO Vol 17,18 and future volumes of it. Have you and Tap stat working on Sao vol 17 or not. Will you translate it. Please do. Thanks.


  7. Hey, Defan, I have a suggestion for a light novel for you to translate, if you’re interested: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. I heard you’re busy right now, so it’s okay if you can’t do it even if you’re interested, but I still thought I’d try asking. You should’ve heard already, but it’s been Licensed in the US. The one translating it right now, Setsuna86, said he’ll drop it after translating up to including Volumes 8 and 9 for us as Christmas present, so if you’re interested, just pick it up from Volume 10 when it comes out. And just to be sure, don’t keep the translations from any Volume that has already been released by Yen Press on this site, like what Tap is doing.


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