Kokoro Connect

Series Title: Kokoro Connect

Author: Sadanatsu Anda

Type: Light novel

More info: MyAnimeList

Note: My translation is hosted on NanoDesu.

Main Story

Volumes 1-4: Find them on Baka-Tsuki.

Volume 4.5: Clip Time

  • The Correct Way to use a Scoop Photo
  • Kiriyama Yui’s First Time Experience
  • Inaba Himeko’s Lone Battle
  • Pentagon++
  • Epilogue

Volume 5: Nise Random (Random Fakes) 



40 thoughts on “Kokoro Connect”

  1. I thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo much for doing this. I am VERY grateful. I hope you can continue to finish it untuk the end. I cannot do anything at the moment so the only thing i can do is hope for the best to you :D


  2. Thanks so much for completing this T^T
    I had to go read this and the side stories volume in Chinese since nobody did it and i must say i couldnt get the best out of it (what with my poor mandarin). I got so desperate i went and bought the raws for books 9-11. Learning Jap in uni now so once i reach a “usable” level i’ll probably contribute to ln translations. I do hope you see this series through to the end. Much thanks :D


  3. I love Kokoro Connect, so I really wanna know how long will it take to finish all this Volume?
    Pd: I love your work, keep going with the great translation


    1. You’re in luck, because I just finished a really long chapter! I’m currently editing that now, and after that there’s only one chapter left until the volume is done.


  4. Hey,
    I am not trying to put any pressure on you at all, so please please don’t feel like it I just want to know, it is written chapter 7 progression: 0%
    So haven’t you really started the chapter 7 at all yet?


  5. Thank you so much for your hardwork!! Don’t worry for the time it takes, at this point, I am just so happy you haven’t drop the project. Also, when you will be done with volume 5, could you possibly straight up go to volume 6.5 as volume 6 is fully translated on baka tsuki?

    Again, Thank you very much <3


      1. Okay thank you very much! Speaking of which, volume 4.5 ain’t the direct sequel but more of a short storie at random moments is that correct?


  6. Really, I don’t think thanking you a thousand times is enough……. THANK YOU!! Look forward to your release.


      1. Thanks a lot for all your hard work man. Im gonna learn how to do machine translation one of these days and contribute some from myself to the community.
        So do you intend to stop after vol 5 or do you intend to go all the way?


      1. I have never appreciated a human being as much as i appreciate you right now man.
        I reallllyyyyy look for forward to more kokoro connect and thanks a lot.


  7. I just finished watching the anime and all i can say is if you ever need donations or anyway i can help get you to do this and the last 2 volumes I WILL DO IT
    Seriously thanks a lot for doing this man looking forward to more posts


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