Sword Art Online: Volume 16 Illustrations

Translator’s Notes:

Sword Art Online Volume 16 is part of the Alicization arc. It consists of Chapter 18 and Chapter 19. Please note that Chapter 18 is already translated by Tap, and will not be included in this translation. A link will be provided to Tap’s translation of Chapter 18. This translation will start directly from Chapter 19, and then proceed to the Afterword.

Translation Credits:

Translation – CJ, luacs1998, defan752

Editing – CJ, luacs1998, defan752, ZeHaffen, DarthMewtwo

Scans – 仓崎枫子

Terminology – Tap

Preceding Illustrations (Spoiler Warning!)

Book Cover
Page 2-3

(left to right)

The Integrity Knights

“First Army, draw your weapons and prepare for battle!” — Vice Commander • «Heaven Piercing Sword» Fanatio

“It’s all right, don’t worry.” — «Fragrant Olive Sword» Alice

“I’ve let down… Alice-sama’s expectations…” — «Frostscale Whip» Eldrie

“General… Dark God Vector, huh.” — Commander • «Time Piercing Sword» Bercouli

Page 4-5

(left to right)

The Army Invading the Human Empire

“—Trample them.” — Giant Tribal Chief Sigrosig

“I, Shibori-sama, will be taking your head.” — Plains Goblin Tribal Chief Shibori

“The Radiant Medium needs to be captured without harming a hair on her head.” — Emperor «Dark God» Vector

“Let’s go say hello to those Integrity Knights!” — Tenth Chair of the Fist Fighters’ Guild Iskahn

“I will eliminate the five Integrity Knights without fail.” — Head of the Dark Sorceress’ Guild D.I.L.

“Goddamn humans!” — Orc Tribal Chief Rirupirin

“You’re only a Goblin… It’s written all over your face, boy.” — Mountain Goblin Tribal Chief Kosogi

Page 6-7

(left to right)

“You brought about a miracle… and saved me.” — Trainee Swordswoman Ronye

“Stacia… sama?” — Trainee Swordswoman Tiese

“It can’t be… Hey, is this real?” — Dark Knight Vassago

“Please take me to Kirito-kun.” — «Creation Goddess» Asuna

Page 8-9

The State of the «War of the Underworld»

(left side, top to bottom, left to right)

Trainee Swordswoman Ronye / Trainee Swordswoman Tiese / Kirito (in a state of unconsciousness)

Human Defense Army, total strength 5,000 (purple circle)

Integrity Knight Renri / Integrity Knight Bercouli / Integrity Knight Sheyta / Second Army in the Rear

Integrity Knight Eldrie (left side) / Integrity Knight Fanatio (middle) / Integrity Knight Deusolbert (right side) / First Army as Vanguard

(top, bottom, and middle of the illustration, and the bracketed words in the top right corner)

Mountain Range at the Edge – Great Eastern Gate – Mountain Range at the Edge – Dark Territory

(right side, top to bottom, left to right)

Mountain Goblin Tribe – Kosogi / Plains Goblin Tribe – Shibori

Orc Tribe – Sigrosig

Demihuman Detachment Troops

Invading Army, total strength 50,000 (purple circle)

Dark Sorceress’ Guild / Ogre Army

Dark Knight Order / Fist Fighters’ Guild – Iskahn

Demihuman Main Army – Rirupirin

Dark God Vector / Imperial Stronghold / Dark Sorceress D.I.L. / Dark Knight Vassago